3600 ml Linear actuator Ram

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3600 ram.jpg

3600 ml Linear actuator Ram


Linear actuator ram only. 

This extruder was specifically designed to have the ability to print larger objects on our 3D PotterbotXLS-1 Scara Robot.


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3600 ml extruder is similar to the 4000ml, but its main purpose is for the 3D Potter XLS-1 Scara  robot.
Our 3600ml extruder is driven by a large closed loop hybrid stepper motor  and extra stuff .625" (15.87mm)  Acme screw. This is a much more robust drive system compared to the 2000ml extruders. It's also capable of extruding thicker clay or paste at a much higher rate then the 2000 ml.
Because of the larger tube and the larger tube nozzle it is capable of larger-diameter nozzles up to .5" (12.75mm) . This gives us the ability to extrude higher volumes of clay through large nozzles that we offer with our machines. It's now possible to print at relatively high speeds with nozzles up to 16 mm.

3600 ml extruder comes with one 3.75 diameter poly-carbonate

Power requirements 24 volts

Included T-Glass plastic nozzles: 5, 6, and 7 mm. Additional nozzles custom built upon request.

Overall empty weight: 13 lbs (Fully loaded: 24lbs)

Overall height  43.6"