5000 ml Linear actuator Ram


5000 ml Linear actuator Ram


Linear actuator RAM only. This is an ideal option if you already have an existing 3D Printer. RAM can be adapted to almost any style of machine. 

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This linear actuator RAM is fully controllable from within the standard 3D printer control software. You can change and control the flow rate as the print is printing.  Utilizing the large capacity 5000 ml and the robust components our extruder is able to flow at much higher rates then most others. 
In a commercial application this gives you the ability to produce your product at a higher cycle time. During the design and construction of our RAM we paid particular attention to easy disassembly and cleaning. Everything is constructed with food grade materials for safe food handling. The larger volume capacity is also suited for less frequent loading and bigger extrusions.


Our large capacity 5000 ml extruder holds approximately 24 lb of clay. This extruder is specifically designed for large-scale vessels or projects that need continuous extrusion without reloading. It is also ideal for production environment as down-time will be kept at a minimum. The extruder is constructed from high-grade precision CNC parts with heavy American-made Acme screw. The drive mechanism consists of a robust gearbox and hybrid stepper motor. This motor is very sophisticated and have many advantages compared to just a plain stepper motor. 

This extruder can be driven with any standard 3D printer controller board that produces pulse, step, and direction signals.

We also have an optional digital stand alone controller. (see Add ons)

The 5000 ml extruder also has all of the same features our smaller 2000 ml extruder has including easy disassembling and cleaning. 




5000 ml extruder comes with one 3.75 diameter poly-carbonate/carbon reinforced tube.

Power requirements 24 volts

Included T-Glass plastic nozzles: 5, 6, and 7 mm. Additional nozzles custom built upon request.

Overall empty weight: 15 lbs (Fully loaded: +35 lbs)