925ml Linear RAM

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925ml Linear RAM


Our new 952ml linear RAM is the perfect extruder for smaller ceramic vessels, food and the UV paste resin. And it's specifically designed to be easily loaded and cleaned. 

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Our unique direct drive motor eliminates the complexity of the larger gearbox units while still giving good performance with exceptionally stable flow. The large motor requires a separate driver box which is supplied as a part of the unit. This can be easily hooked up to any standard 3D printer with minimal effort. Our 925 ml extruder is capable of extruding clay with the moderate density. It is not capable of extruding undiluted heavy clay like our the larger 2000ml and 4000ml Linear Ram unit.










 2-Phase Motor Driver (included)

1. DC power input type: 24V~50VDC (this may require separate 24V power supply which we can supply if needed)

2. Output current: 1.3A-4.5A

3. Microstepping: 1(1.8)、1/2、1/4、1/8、1/16、1/32、1/64、1/128、1/256, 1/5、1/10、1/25、1/50、1/125、1/250

4. Overheating protection

What's included:

motor driver box

4 x nozzles

1    925 ml tube + motor and extrusion assembly with piston