Continuous flow delivery system

Continuous flow delivery system

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This is our largest capacity heavy duty delivery system.


  • 18 gallon stainless steel hopper

  • 1 inch delivery nozzle (more nozzle sizes are available)

  • Pulse dampening system

  • Vector speed control for infinite speed adjustment

  • Control valving system for fine tuning flow rates

  • Capable of delivering clay or cement with fine aggregate

The system is not similar to our other ceramic extruders. Don't expect fine control with small nozzle diameter. This delivery system was purposely built for architectural and large-scale projects. Projects such as habitat and cement extrusion.


This system is capable of pumping only cement and adobe type materials. Consistency cannot be as thick as standard clay body. We have other extruders for that. 

Also there is a limitation to the length of the hose the machine is capable of pushing. This is directly proportional to the consistency of the mixture. 

Power requirements: 220 volt single phase 6 amp

This page is still under construction, more videos and information to follow soon.

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