3D PotterBot 7XL


3D PotterBot 7XL


3DP 7XL is a larger version of 3D Potterbot 7. It has all the same features and utilizes the same 2000mm extruder.

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3D Potterbot 7XL 

3D Potterbot 7XL is our professional dedicated ceramic and paste 3D printer. Built rugged and ready for production environment, universities and ceramic institutes.

The 3DP 7XL is completely redesigned to improve speed and acceleration. The design uses high-precision linear rails from IGUS, a completely new X and Y axis drive system with precision timing belt, and integrated closed loop hybrid motors. This eliminates any need for machine adjustment and reduces maintenance. Our design utilizes traveling X & Y axis with stationary Z axis. The X-axis is allowed to travel freely on top of any flat surface. The Z axis and extruder use a reduction gearbox for faster and smoother prints.

The hard anodized linear rail with advanced plastic car bushings will give extended service life, even in harsh environments. By using timing belts we have decreased printing  time by as much as 75% for small items. The closed-loop motors have on board circuitry to eliminate any missteps or inaccuracy, while increasing the precision substantially and most importantly increasing the acceleration speed.

7XL uses our 2000 ml direct nozzle extruder. Because the extruder is stationary, the clay comes directly out of the nozzle without any hoses, complicated air compressors, or augers. In addition, we are able to print superior quality prints with less air bubbles, in less time, and at larger scales.

Extruder tubes can be easily loaded from any standard pug mill. You can load 5 tubes in less than 10 minutes, that is 60 pounds of clay! The tubes can also be loaded manually with clay purchased from your local ceramic supplier. Clean up is easy and can be accomplished between loading tubes in less than a couple of minutes.



Touch screen Control Center

It's packed with features and options that make the stand-alone operation of our 3D Potterbot effortless. A simple SD card is inserted with the G code to run your prints. You have complete control over the printer & extruder by being able to adjust the speeds and flows easily through the touch screen. This touch screen is an integral part of our Arm core processor main controller board. (It's not an aftermarket add on.) It also has network compatible (optional upgrade). This means no more USB cable, just log on to the network and you are in full control. Some of our customers are requesting standalone operation to run just the extruder. The same touch screen along with the main board can be utilized to run our extruder completely autonomous of any other device. Call for pricing.


What's included:

1. 3D PotterBot 7

2. Closed loop stepper on XY, stepper on Z

3.  2 x 2.75 id poly-carbonate extruder tubes

4.  4 nozzles (standard sizes: 3.5, 4.13, 5, and 6.4mm)

5. Allen wrenches and parts box

6. print size X-Y-Z 20" 17" 27"

7. Bat size 15.5" 393mm Dia

You  need table size    W= 58"   X     D=32 "